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Investor Relations and Corporate Communications Specialists
  • 74% of buy-side investors stated that good communication plans positively impact a company's valuation.*

  • Poor communications can negatively impact a company's valuation by as much as 15 to 25%.*

About Us

From a private company trying to raise venture capital, or complete an IPO, to a public company commencing a follow-on offering or reporting financial results, a wide variety of business transactions can seriously affect your company’s valuation.

Whether you are preparing to meet such critical financial milestones three  months or three years from now, McGuinness Consulting  knows that enhancing value throughout every stage of a company's lifecycle is art as well as science. We specialize in looking beyond the numbers and creating a well-articulated strategic view of the future prospects of your company, the industry and the financial marketplace. McGuinness Consulting provides strategic and hands-on investor relations services that are aligned with your business goals and maximize valuation for your management team and investors.


*Rivel Research Group


Our depth of experience in the specialty arena of investor relations means we have a proven track record of maximizing shareholder value. We do this by enhancing the marketability and attractiveness of a company and leveraging our relationships with Wall Street's leading portfolio managers, securities analysts, investment banks and brokerage firms. We also bring to bear to every situation our keen knowledge of disclosure requirements developed over many years  thereby giving senior management a high level of assurance in the quality and value of all their communications.