IR Services

Private Company Program

•    Target appropriate investment banks; orchestrate sell-side analyst and investment banker introductions Develop financial presentations in advance of investment banking conferences, meetings with VCs and Angel investors
•    Develop financial press and investor communications strategy, including establishment of key financial messages and milestones that are financially- vs. customer-oriented
•    Monitor peers, provide public company peer valuation analysis and sell-side research coverage of publicly traded peers
•    Establish communications policies and procedures similar to those for public companies while taking into consideration potential competitive landscape issues
•    Develop financially oriented presentations and provide presentation training

Pre-IPO Program

•    Strategic counsel to CEO, CFO, PR and marketing teams
•    Develop financial press and investor communications strategy reflecting key financial messages and milestones that are financially- vs. customer-oriented
•    Monitor peers, provide public company peer valuation analysis
•    Assist legal team in drafting MD&A for S-1 (or like) filing, as requested
•    Create policies and procedures for public communications (insider trading policies, window open/close policies, and employee training programs)
•    Develop mechanisms for communicating with retail investors (hotline, website, investor kits, and collateral material distribution)
•    Develop methods for communicating with institutional investors
•    Create sell-side and buy-side outreach program
•    Draft first year IR plan (annual report, quarterly reporting, conferences calls, presentations, analyst days)
•    Provide presentation training
•    Financial press story angle development
•    Provide IR training sessions for employees and/or internal IR team

Post-IPO & Public Company Program
•    Create public company infrastructure and provide ongoing IR support
•    Develop and implement Reg. FD policy and standards
•    Field investor calls
•    Periodically update messaging and key milestones
•    Monitor peers, provide public company peer valuation analysis
•    Write and edit support documents (annual report, press releases, scripts, conference call Q&A, and Q&As for newsworthy issues and special events, such as acquisitions or investor days)
•    Provide assistance with analyst outreach, seeking out conferences and targeting appropriate invitations
•    Develop and manage special events including financial road shows, analyst days and banking conferences
•    Work with PR firm to ensure message continuity and cohesiveness of IR and PR teams
•    Draft transactional communications materials and collateral material  for acquisitions, mergers, LBOs, etc.
•    U.S. and International financial road show scheduling services

Financial Analyst Relations Program
•    Develop/refine strategic messages
•    Investor and analyst targeting services
•    Financial analyst program development and scheduling
•    Presentation training
•    360 degree feedback and analysis; message adjustment

Crisis Communications Expertise
Preparing for a crisis can preserve valuation, prevent irreperable damage to the corporate brand and avoid exacerbating the situation.  Being a good corporate steward requires methodical, precision implementation and planning. We can offer the following services that are invaluable:

•    Strategic counsel to CEO, CFO, PR and marketing
•    Development of crisis plans and/or management of crisis situations in progress
•    Plan development includes creation of mock scenarios related to financial events
•    Sync up PR and IR efforts to prevent escalation and ensure message continuity

Investor and Financial Relations Writing Services
Our talented business writers can efficiently and skillfully prepare you for a presentation, road show, or quarterly conference call.  These services are available on an as-needed, or piecework, basis. Examples of services we can provide include:

•    Annual reports
•    10-K (MD&A section)
•    Executive speeches
•    Financial press releases
•    Press kit materials
•    Company profiles, fact sheets and management bios
•    Transactional communications materials
•    Collateral material
•    Website content (financial)